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Eucommiae Tea;Eucommia ulmoides leaf tea,Du zhong cha;tu-chung

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Eucommiae Tea;Eucommia ulmoides leaf tea,Du zhong cha;tu-chung

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Place of Origin : China

Brand Name : Zhanjo

Certification : HACCP

Model Number : ZJ-200

MOQ : 1000g

Price : Negotiable

Packaging Details : In 500g bag or 5kg carton

Delivery Time : In ten days

Payment Terms : L/C at sight or T/T in advance;, Western Union,paypal

Supply Ability : 1000kg per month

Additional Ingredient : No added

Shelf Life : 18 months

Weight (kg) : 100g~500kg

Product Type : herbal tea

Packaging : Bag|Bottle|Box|Bulk


Color : Dark green

Tastes : fragrant

Dip into : Hot water

Quantity use : 5-10g each time

Package : Bag ;tin ; can

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Eucommia ulmoides Oliv. (EuO), also known as Duzhong, native to China, is the only plant in the Eucommia genus of the Eucommiaceae family. The bark and leaf of EuO have been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat lower back pain, knee pain, and the liver, kidney, and spleen disorders. EuO extracts have antihypertensive, antioxidative, and antigastric ulcer effects (Metori et al., 1997; Deyama et al., 2001; Yang et al., 2003).

Water extracts of EuO leaves have been reported to have potent antimutagenic effects (Nakamura et al., 1997; Lee et al., 2005; Luo et al., 2009). EuO extracts have also been reported to enhance collagen synthesis (Metori et al., 1997; Li et al., 2000a; 2000b; Deyama et al., 2001). It is generally assumed that natural substances in EuO give rise to these beneficial effects. The chemical constituents of EuO leaves contain phenylpropanoid compounds such as sitosterol, ursolic acid, and chlorogenic acid; iridoids such as eucommiol, geniposidic acid, geniposide, and aucubin; and flavonoids such as kaempferol and quercetin.

China has thousands of years of history to produce tea. E. ulmoides leaves and E.ulmoides male flowers could be made into tea, and traditional tea methods in china are general used to prepare these types of products. Because they are rich in nutrients and bioactive constituents, they are very good health care tea.

Eucommia is a kind of tree now native to China, with a fossil record that shows a much wider distribution. The single living species, Eucommia ulmoides, is near threatened in the wild, but is widely cultivated in China for its bark, and is highly valued in herbology such as Traditional Chinese medicine.It is one of the 50 fundamental herbs used in Chinese herbology.

Modern Eucommia trees grow to about 15 m tall. The leaves are deciduous, arranged alternately, simple ovate with an acuminate tip, 8–16 centimetres (3.1–6.3 in) long, and with a serrated margin. If a leaf is torn across, strands of latex exuded from the leaf veins solidify into rubber and hold the two parts of the leaf together. It flowers from March to May with the flowers being inconspicuous, small and greenish. The fruits ripen between June and November and are a winged samara with one seed.

One-hundred twelve compounds of Eucommia ulmoides, including the main active constituents, lignans and iridoids, have been isolated and identified. In vitro and in vivo studies indicated that monomer compounds and extracts from Eucommia ulmoides possess wide-ranging pharmacological actions, especially in treating hypertension, hyperlipemia, diabetes, obesity, sexual dysfunction, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's disease, aging, lupus-like syndrome, and immunoregulation.

Eucommia ulmoides has been used as a source of traditional medicine and as a beneficial health food. Phytochemical and pharmacological studies of Eucommia ulmoides have received much interest, and extracts and active compounds continue to be isolated and proven to exert various effects.

Recently years the experts in home and abroad has researched the Duzhong carefully, it contains very few free amino acid, contains few protein which similiar to the protein in foods,that is , it can hydrolyze 8 amino acids which are the essential to our health. And 15 kinds of mineral elements also be found, containing 8% protein and iron, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, potassium,sodium, magnesium and other trace elements . Nourishing liver and kidney, strenthen bones and muscles, clean body from within, strengthen the metabolism of human cells, prevent musculoskeletal aging, balance human body blood pressure, cholesterol, reduce fat, restore elasticity of blood vessel , diuresis, , antibacterial, excited central nervous, increase number of white blood cells, enhance human immunity and other significant efficacy.

The Duzhong Tea was made by the leaves, with the traditional tea-making arts it is become a health care beverage ,tastes slight bitter and sweet aftertaste.It is very good to health,no any side-effects. Generally speaking,the highest quality tea was made by the leaves which reaped in new leaves grown up and before the flowers opening.

Main functions:

1. Protect and nourish liver and kidney
Eucommia bark as a top Chinese medicine has a history of more than 2000 years
Aucubin has a strong ability to promote the liver cells regeneration,and Can obviously inhibit the DNA replication of the hepatitis B virus.

2, Lower blood pressure, blood fat

3, strengthen the immune system

Can strengthen the body immunity, has two-way regulating cellular immune function, make the body's immune function is always in good condition. At the same time involved in cardiovascular regulation, to maintain human health.

4, Purge diuresis

Has a special effect to treat constipation. Aucubin of eucommia tea good to diuresis, aperient, enhance the function of intestinal peristalsis. Because of the tea can effectively clear inside body, decomposition and solid fat, cholesterol.
And some people may have a phenomenon of loose stools when they start to drink this tea, this is normal, and the situation will be OK soon .

5, Nourish blood to tranquilize mind, appease neural system, remiss fatigue, improvesleeping and increase sleeping quality step by step.

6,Maintain beauty and keep young

7,Lose weight

Making Tea

Around 5g~10g Duzhong leaves, dip into 85 degree boiling water for 5 minutes,500ml

For the crowd

1,Patients of Hypertension,hyperlipidemia, Cardiocerebrovascular disease.

3,Kidney vacuity body tired fatigue debility

4,Insomnia, coarse skin, gray fac

5,valetudinarianism ,

* soreness and weakness of waist and knees,hypoimmunity


Why us ?

(1)No pollution, natural, green, pure

(2)Tea is brown yellow transparent color, taste slightly bitter and then become sweet

(4)Do not contain theophylline, decaffeinated, easy absorption, and good for health

(5)Duzhong is rich of Eucommea rubber, when you break of the leaves or barks you will find the white silk which looks like spider web, this is the key point how to tell Duzhong from fake ones.

Keep it in cool,dry place ,avoid sunlight directly.

Note: The herbal teas could help to treat people and improve the symptoms but they are not a substitute for drugs.

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